Who and What we are...

Recent polls , and the May 2019 UK EU Parliament Elections have now shown that a very large majority of current and former Labour voters are very strongly opposed to leaving the EU , and if you feel this way and are so inclined, please do register. We first set this page up as an experiment in democracy, and we hope to assess how much interest there could be in forming a pro-EU labour party. We have absolutely no wish to undermine the existing party, but would rather work with it toward genuine labour principles, which seem to have been rather lost by some who have been caught up by the anti-EU xenophobic rhetoric associated with the Tories "brexit" , and the entirely nonsensical argument that leaving the EU is the will of the British people - which very clearly it is not.

There is right now a growing crisis in the NHS caused more or less exclusively by under-funding by the Tories. People are actually dying as a result of this deliberate policy, and matters will be made much worse by the xenophobia and huge waste of money planned for "brexit". Yet Jeremy Corbyn and some of his colleagues still seem completely determined to support "brexit", no matter what harm is done to the NHS in the process. So it seems clear that we very urgently need a new approach which is not simply driven by anti EU dogma. Our plan is to raise sufficient money to open a secretariat, to help stop the extremists of both the right and the left from doing any further damage to the NHS and the country. Do come and join us if you agree with our sentiment - and do email us at labourforeu@gmail.com if you have any suggestions or observations.

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